We aren't sure why you would ever WANT to return our products, but in case you need to, here's the low down. 


We accept returns for a full refund (minus shipping). Products must be in new condition, without Cheeto dust, French Fries, or dog hair. You are responsible for shipping it back, once item is received, refund will be issued. If products are returned in other than new condition, we will not issue a refund and you will be responsible for shipping to get the item back. 



Our products are manufactured and worn by our staff who still work the streets. If you have any manufacturing issues with our products, we want to know! If it is our fault, we will repair or replace your gear. If it is damaged on the job, send us a message and we will work with you to get it fixed. 

If our products are damaged due to negligence, sorry bud you are on your own. Order another rig.